Water Damage & Carpet Repairs

water removal, water damage cleanup, carpet repair, Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City, NV

Guaranteed Carpet Repairs provides emergency water removal, water damage cleanup & carpet repairs in Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City, NV.

Guaranteed Carpet Repairs provides emergency water removal, water damage cleanup & carpet repairs in the Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City, NV areas. I can typically save you up to 40% over the franchises water damage cleanup costs with proven, less-invasive “flash extraction” methods, which  will get you dry and back to normal much sooner. Guaranteed Carpet Repairs is the only emergency water removal company in this area that is owner-operated, does not use subcontractors, and has 36 years personal experience. Call the 24/7 Help Line at (702)842-4219 for free, friendly phone advice, 365 days a year.


Guaranteed Carpet Repairs Services Include:

Water Removal

Water Damage Cleanup

Professional Carpet Repairs

Carpet Restretching

Guaranteed Water Removal & Carpet Repairs

Starting at $77.00

“All emergency water removal & carpet repairs jobs are backed with a lifetime workmanship guarantee in residential installations. If there is a problem or failure due to workmanship in that time, I will personally come back and fix it again for you, FREE! You will receive a written quote for your water damage & carpet repairs, so there will be no surprise charges later. All water removal & carpet repairs will be made with only the best materials suitable for your installation. As the owner-operator, I am a 56 year old, clean-cut, family man with no criminal record, ever. I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. I personally promise I will show up on-time, sober, and will not be smoking cigarettes in or around your home. I recognize that you are inviting me into your home to fix a problem, and I am careful not to cause any additional problems. I wear shoe cover booties over my shoes to prevent tracking in anything from outside on water removal & carpet repairs. I personally promise to use my 36 years of water removal & carpet repairs experience to get you the best possible result!”
Larry Conn, Owner – Guaranteed Carpet Repairs

New Proven Water Damage Restoration Methods

Saves You Up to 40%!

Guaranteed Carpet repairs is certified and trained in the newest, proven methods in water damage cleanup, which can save you up to 40% off the costs to fix your problem. Many water damage companies still remove the carpet padding and remove interior walls that are wet, unnecessarily. New methods in water removal and water damage cleanup make it possible to ventilate, dry and save interior walls, and compress and “wring out” installed carpet and padding with “flash-extraction” methods.

These new proven methods save you the money of pulling out the carpet and padding, and removing drywall unnecessarily. This saves you the cost of pulling out the wet carpet pad, paying to dispose of it at the dump, buying new pad, and reinstalling the padding under the carpet. It also saves you the expense of tearing down interior walls, paying to dump the materials at the dump, buying new drywall, installing and patching the drywall, and having to repaint the walls affected.

Save Big Dollars on Your Water Removal and

Water Damage Cleanup!

When you use proven superior methods to save the carpet padding and interior walls, you will save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the total costs of your water removal & water damage cleanup. Guaranteed Carpet Repairs leads the competition when it comes to saving you money on water removal, water damage restoration & carpet repairs!

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Guaranteed Carpet Repairs